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A good example…

What is Clustering?

What we are going to learn here.

  1. What is a Cluster?
  2. Difference between clustering and classification.
  3. Uses of Clustering in different industries.
  4. Why clustering?
  5. Clustering algorithms.
  6. Hierarchical Clustering -Deep dive.

What is a Cluster?

All models are wrong, but some are useful,George E. P. Box.


These two questions are easily answered by evaluating how well a model performs when subjected to unseen observations. …

Decision tree algorithm is a supervised learning model used in predicting a dependent variable with a series of training variables. Decision trees algorithms can be used for classification and regression purposes.

In this particular project, I am going to illustrate it in the classification of a discrete random variable.

Some questions decision tree can answer.

Oduor George

George holds a BSc Statistics and Programming degree from Kenyatta University and has an interest in machine learning, data science and AI.

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